"Christians are called to exercise their gifts for the glory of God and the good of the Church." 

(1 Peter 4:10-11, 1 Corinthians 12:7)

Being regularly involved in a mid-week Bible study gives members of the Church an opportunity to spend time with believers and grow more aware of their circumstances that they face.

The Bible study lessons are chosen by the participants as well as follow the liturgical calendar. The Study is open to all.



Bible Study - "Stepping Out" - ANYONE WELCOME


"Stepping Out will give healing, encouragement, hope and edification...so you can edge out on life's springboard of situations, jumping into the future with God's loving and safe arms enfolding you. What are you waiting for? You can do it!"  There you are at the very edge of the diving board. Will you take that leap? Will you stand there, paralyzed by fear? Or will you turn around and crawl all the way back on your hands and knees? God calls each of us to a unique purpose. But sometimes that purpose - w-a-y out there at the far edge of our comfort zone - is scary. We are distracted by the storms in our life and by the insecurities Satan whispers in our ear. On our own, we fail and sink like lead. It's only because Jesus offers guidance and strength that we can step out of our comfort zone and serve Him in whatever capacity we are called to serve. We can trust Him. Jesa steps in, so we can step out! 


WEEK 1 - Stepping Out of My Fear to a Life of Courage 

WEEK 2 - Stepping Out of My Past 

WEEK 3 - Stepping Out of My Worries to a Life of Trust 

WEEK 4 - Stepping Out of My Insecurity 

WEEK 5 - Stepping Out of My Need to Please 

WEEK 6 - Stepping Out of My Material Mind-Set 

WEEK 7 - Stepping Out of My Pride and Selfish Ambition 

WEEK 8 - Stepping Out of My Judgmental Attitude to a Life of Grace 

WEEK 9 - Stepping Out of My Hurried Lifestyle to a Life of Balance and Rest 

WEEK 10- Stepping Out of My Bitterness and Anger to a Life of Reconciliation and Peace 

WEEK 11 - Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone to a Life Filled with New Opportunities 

WEEK 12 - Stepping Out to a Life on the Edge







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