For centuries, Christians have brought children, spouses, and neighbors to receive God's grace through water and the Word.  In so doing, they have passed along a gift of life as well as a call to discipleship.

Baptism gives us a new identity and community.  As God's children, united to Christ, we are all sent to proclaim good news, work for justice, and carry on this living faith.  We pray that all children will always know whose they are and the faith they are called to live. 


At the Ralston Church of Christ, we baptize children, adults and those who wish to be baptized into faith and the love of God. They are presented with a certificate and a prayer blanket. If you or someone who you know are interested in being baptized into Christian faith, please call the church office at 402-331-6067.

Baptized into Christ Jesus, we become your children, God, and inherit faith.  Help us to remember who and whose we are, to remind those in our lives we have been entrusted to care for, to work for those whom society has forgotten, so all may live in your amazing grace.  Amen.

Call or email Church for more information



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